The Best alternative to Helium balloons

It’s known that helium is expensive and the Global Helium shortage is a sad reality. Even stores like party city are unable to fullfil the orders due to the helium shortage ( as per the disclaimer in their website

Anagram Balloons invented the Airfill Sitting Balloons

Airfill Sitting balloons are a new trend on balloons. You can use them as tabletop, or just for decoration

They are just airfill balloons on Jumbo size that can be refilled as many times as you wish. They have a self sealing valve and the package includes a straw in case you dont have a pump

They look amazing. Kids have so much fun with this balloons.


Smurfs and Balloons

We have been putting together a Smurfs bouquet with some latex balloons
Here is just an example of what you can do with our Latex Balloon Mix1

Loading… Latex Balloons Mix 1

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It’s time to love


As humans, we all have a strong power: To LOVE
And with latex balloons, we can show our closest friends and family that we really love them
This is just an idea of a decoration with 5 twister balloons and a red LOVE balloon.
You cannot buy love…actually, you can, follow this link:

Loading… Twister Balloons

Love Decoration with twister balloons

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